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Welcome to 3KINGS home to Aion NcSoft Tiamat Server Elyos faction, Xbox one Destiny, Xbox one GTA Online, and still semi active 4story Uk. 4story Uk might eventually be phased out someday after a satisfactory replacement is made.  Our goal is to create a great community for the gamer. We provide voice chat, support in leveling, advice on what to do for pretty much all aspects.  We have guild merchandise designed every year and this year we offer to members a free guild shirt after joining membership as long as sign up to website and recieve guild newsletters that will be released now on a regular basis. We have facebook guild pages also, make sure to ask your guild officer for information if it hasn't already been provided. TY 3KINGS!!!
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PRINCEOFARDIR, Jan 29, 15 11:40 AM.
How is everyone doing? Well recently updating this site to be focused on all our guilds. In our news for this week we are focusing on moving on from Ventrilo Chat to Razer Comms. This move will save administration the monthly fee and increase voice chat quality. The guild has already created several chat rooms or channels but each member can create his or her own room. Best part is you can control who goes in or who doesn't. This voice chat also works with Twitch which is popular with alot of gamers. Also mobile friendly and easy to setup. To get setup go to;

Also in this weeks guild news we have a new guild shirt designed that will be ordered in bulk very soon. If you want to recieve a shirt please send your Guild Master or me at the following information. Need Game you play, Guild Name, address to mail to, and of course size.

Ty Prince
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3KINGS is a old guild that started in Sept of 2009 in Gates of Andaron
derions side. We are looking for good team player types for all our current games. Aion NCSOFT, 4story UK, Xbox One Destiny ,Xbox One GTA Online, more to come in near future. For Aion we are in the Tiamat Server Eylos side, 4story UK derion side easy to find in markut near main portal across the way. Xbox One Destiny go to the bungie website login and search 3KlNGS but use a lower case L instead of a I cause some jerk took our guild name but is inactive. Coming Soon Playstation 4 games, and at least one world of warcraft guild. Woot for 3KINGS and Join us in ventrilo. Contact your gm for your guild which is depending which game be either PRINCEOFARDIR  or someone else like Kalimbra or someone else random that is a awesome person obviously!!! :)
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