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Welcome to 3KINGS for Aion, Destiny, and 4story. We are working on updating this site to be up to date on all our games we play. Formally our guild was in 4story for 5 years solid doing daily pvp there. Since the merger to uk we are slowly transitioning to other games and expanding in efforts to give our guild more fun as a family of gamers. We do have voice chat available for all members of any of our guilds in Ventrilo. For that direct information should be in your membership welcome letter or ask your gm or officer available.
Below will be links to our sites for each game coming soon. Welcome to 3KINGS and have fun. 

For official download to the game please follow this link below;

3KINGS recently created a PvP/PvE guild in Aion NcSoft elyos faction on tiamat server. Guild is named Three Kings . We are a mix of us and allies of derion faction but not limited to us and allies. Valorians are more than welcome to join us in this journey as our friends also. This Guild is Lead by Solace, Prince, Kalimbra, Bish, and many of our leaders of the past including some allied guild leaders. The leadership style is very open leadership vs one person style or anything to that simular accord. The link for game download is below.

Note: Make sure to click Download Aion Game Launcher- PC after clicking that link. ty prince

PS game is free to play and you don't have to ever pay to play not for gear/weapon/anything really.

Also recently 3KINGS created a Guild in Destiny Xbox one, and coming soon at least one guild to WoW horde faction this spring. Also adding 3KINGS to Ps4 this spring time. Join Us in whatever you PLAY!!!!
Guild News

Making Castle Stones

PRINCEOFARDIR, Mar 14, 13 9:33 AM.
Ok as we all know the 40 comp pvp weapons and gear is now available. So would like to see the guild
saving the materials needed to make the castle stones. South stones will of course be the most of value so
will be first target but after that we will need stockpile improvements on north stones as well. What is needed for a south stone will be listed here.

1 Water of the World

4 Cleasing Potion

8 unsealed alchemist formula

8 unsealed reflexion formula

4 sealed strong vitality potion

4 sealed strong mana potion

That is exact updated list to make a South Castle Stone. Any way you can help the guild stock up be great.
All donations will be payed forward if you have goals to make pvp weapons or need assistance in a
different manner within reason. Also the guild is needing extra alchemist formula's for making a stock
pile of improved jewels for higher and lower lvls.

ty very much 3KINGS

Ahora con orgullo annoancing con traducción al español!

PRINCEOFARDIR, Jan 29, 12 5:21 AM.
la bienvenida a tres reyes a mis amigos. mi casa es su casa y que podamos crecer y potentes a medida que crecemos como un clan! esta página web está aquí para ayudar a todos a aprender cosas de los fundamentos de las cosas avanzadas. muy pronto será todo lo que se puede encontrar en Inglés será publicado también en español.
único truco es que tengo que recordar lo que escribí herecause estoy usando un programa traductor para lograr esto a un ritmo más rá te preocupes mis amigos, si se me olvida que siempre se puede buscar palabras. por lo que en los foros ya se publicó la noticia del gremio por primera vez en español. en que las noticias del gremio será nuestro sistema de información de comunicación.el sistema de comunicación se llama ventrilo     <-------------------------------------------- ir a ese sitio web para descargarlo

luego sólo tienes que seguir las instrucciones en los foros. Gracias por unirse a los tres reyes!

Castle Wars this Sunday

PRINCEOFARDIR, Feb 11, 11 9:51 PM.
This weeks Castle Wars should be very interesting. Sadly can't say where we are going for sure to
avoid any early leaks but I promise will be a good battle. In the past when we had more derions things
were much easier and we could annoance our castles. But these days it will be a surprise to all except
the GuildMasters who have it organised. Castle Wars is every sunday at 5:30 pm Pacific time and lasts
60 mins. There are 4 Castles to choose from to go to; Castle Tycontergo, Castle Gebra, Castle Ardir, and
finally Castle Hesed. All of which are key to make PvP weapons. Ty Prince

WOAH! We have a news box!!

masterfly, Feb 5, 11 2:18 PM.
Welcome to the 3KINGS news module.
Prince and myself will continuously add all updated information at the end of our nights. If the days are uneventful we might make mention of nothing that day. So if something cool happens ill try to keep u up on incoming information relevant to 3KINGS and our continued efforts.

If you have any good news updates, tell  PRINCEOFARDIR. he will update the  info as soon possible 

Welcome to 3KINGS website

PRINCEOFARDIR, Jan 17, 11 11:22 PM.
I hope everyone in the near future finds this site to be useful and helpful. We will be adding latest screen shot and also will have meetings and events included on this site. Ty for being apart of the best guild in Derion. May we all enjoy the
advantages of this site once it is fully operational. ty 3KINGS
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3KINGS is a old guild that started in Sept of 2009 in Gates of Andaron
derions side. We are looking for good team player types for all our current games. Aion NCSOFT, 4story UK, Xbox One Destiny , more to come in near future. For Aion we are in the Tiamat Server Eylos side, 4story UK derion side easy to find in markut near main portal across the way. Xbox One Destiny go to the bungie website login and search 3KlNGS but use a lower case L instead of a I cause some jerk took our guild name but is inactive. Coming Soon Playstation 4 games, and at least one world of warcraft guild. Woot for 3KINGS and Join us in ventrilo. Contact your gm for your guild which is depending which game be either PRINCEOFARDIR  or someone else like Kalimbra or someone else random that is a awesome person obviously!!! :)
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